DNA Nanotechnology

Nanodyne focuses exclusively on the use of DNA nanostructures to improve human health. The ability to fold DNA into virtually any shape was described in 2006 by Dr. Paul Rothemund. Using the genetic code and an "engineering code" Dr. Rothemund showed that is was possible to program DNA fragments to self-assembly in virtually any two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape. Since that time there has been an explosion of interest, techniques and tools for creating DNA nanostructures.


OPTIMuSTM is a self-assembling DNA nanosystem (hereafter "nanobot") designed to detect single or multiple biomarkers related to disease and infection. The vision for OPTIMuS™ is a robust field deployable nanobiosensor with a cell phone reader and instant global telecommunication. The molecular diagnostics industry is projected to exceed 10B by 2023.


CamoNanoTM is a self-assembling autonomous "smart" vehicle for delivering the recently described CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing system directly to specific cells in living systems. We are actively seeking funding for this project which is in the early stages of development and represents an industry valued at 5.54B by 2021.

The Future

DNA is the perfect foundation material for self-assembling biomachinery. The field is blossoming with groups integrating protein, lipids, and chemical moieties into DNA nanodevices for a host of applications. This is the time for first movers to occupy and control substantial portions of a vast opportunity space before it becomes overpopulated.